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Touch operated...

Rosa Crystal thermostats offer a unique user experience using touch sensitive.
Configurable two to six capacitive keys around the thermostat display

Glass surface...

The 4 mm tempered, solid glass surface support ensures that best possible tactile sensation.

All in one...

Option of controlling all the units integrated in with the control panel such as

Lighting Control
HVAC Control
Shutter/Blind Control
Scene Call

Status LEDs......

You may check the status of lighting, curtains / blinds and air conditioners with status of LEDs

Navigation LED...

Reach your thermostat & switch easily and safely in dark with the navigation LED on Rosa.

Additional Heating & Cooling...

Additional heating / cooling units can be jointed to the system.

Manual or Automatic switching between Heat and Cool modes.

Frameless minimalist design...

85 x 85 mm minimalist design.


Away, comfort, night and protection mode options